Unsuccessful re-branding


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  • wanted to develop a new market for developers and visitors
  • 'doncaster earth center'- built on a formwer colliery site
  • to bring interest into a deprived area. 
  • cost 60million and was largely funded my millenuim lotteryto promote sustainable living
  • in a pheriphial area which had a poor transport system
  • due to this, there was a lack of visitors which resulted in the center not bing able to fund itsself any longer 
  • as this was was only one of the strategies that took place, , there was a lack of overall interest in the area and this resulted in its closure in 2004. 
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  • hosting the student common wealth games 
  • when the event took place, tourists numbers increased. 
  • when it ended, tourist number declines again. 
  • the stadium cost a lot of money to be built, and it is now suffering a huge financial crisis as they try to pay off the debt of the stadium and it is no longer in use  
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