Unity in 1 Corin. 1-4

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  • After usual thanksgiving, Paul launches into a the report received by Chloe's people.
  • He warms them that if their quarreling continues "outright division might be the result" - Bruce.
  • Paul challenges the issue of disunity that had arisen in the Church.
  • Four mains cliques - Paul, Peter, Apollos, and Christ had contrasting opinions which were causing friction within Corinth.
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Three Rhetorical Questions

  • Is Christ divided? - Christ is one, and the Church, which is his body, must be one" (Morris)
  • Was Paul crucified for you? - drop their personality cults and focus on "Jesus Christ and him crucified" (Prior)
  • Were you baptised in the name of Paul? - Paul is adamant that people are baptised in the name of Jesus and that Christ is the central force that should unite the Corinthians, not individual leaders
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Divine and Secular Wisdom

  • Corinthians had come to value the wisdom of their individual leaders over the wisdom of God.
  • "Greeks go in for philosophical wisdom" - Paul
  • Worldy wisdom arose from "man's rebellion against God" - Prior
  • Until the worldly-wise stop relying on their own insight, they will never receive God's wisdom in Christ and will never be united with true Christianity.
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