Unit two keywords

These are my unit TWO keywords.

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Global warming is the increase in temperature of the earths atmosphere.

Creation is the act in which the world was created.

Embryo is a fertilised egg at the first 8 weeks of conception.

Organ donation is when you donate an organ for transplant surgery.

Enviroment is the surroundings in which animals and plants depend on to live in.

Infertility is when you cant have children.

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Stewardship is looking after something so it can be passed onto the next generation.

Surrogacy is when a woman bears a child for another woman.

Artifical insemination is when semen is injected into the uterus by artificial means.

Conservation is protecting and preserving natural resources and the enviroment.

I.V.F is the method of fertilising an egg in a test tube.

Natural resources are natural occuring such as oil and fertile land which can be used by humans.

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