Unit Seven Health and Social Care

This is Unit 7.1 from the Edexcel Exam board Health and Social Care

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Key Terms

Statutory Services - Provided by law e.g. NHS

Private Services - Services for which a charge is paid. They are profit making organisations e.g. BUPA

Voluntary Services - non-profit making organisations. There may be a charge or services could be free. Many will be charities

Informal care - Provided by friends and family

Voluntary and Private sector Services are also known as the independant sector

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Statutory Services

NHS - 'From Cradle to Grave'

Government - Department of Health - NHS - Strategic Health Authorities

Department of Health looks after strategy, legislation + regulation, Health Promotion, safety

Strategic Health authorites allocate finances such as income tax, VAT and National Insurance and give it to the NHS. These authorities also implement the legislation.

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Statutory Services relating to SOCIAL care

Organised by council/ Local Authority - may have to be "means" tested

Social Services is now split into two sections Children's Services and Adult Services

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Childrens Services

FIVE different Sections

  • Social care inc. adoption/fostering, Child protection, special needs, children in care and family support
  • Education
  • Youth Offending
  • Transition to Adulthood/ Conexions
  • Sure Start - all services for under 5's
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Adult Services

Concentrates on VULNERABLE groups such as:

  • Physical Disabilites
  • Learning Disabilities
  • Sensory Disabilities
  • Mental ill Health
  • The Elderly

Provides: Day care, Home and Personal Care, Residential and Nursing Care, Sheltered Housing, Hospital Admissions/discharge

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