Unit 7 Medical Ethics Abortion

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Pro-Life Christians DISAGREE

except in extreme situations

1) COMMANDMENT - breaks commandment not to kill

2) SANCTITY OF LIFE - ends life, life should be treasured and preserved

3) NEIGHBOUR - Jesus tought importance of loving one's neighbour - including unborn defensive neighbour. Killing = not loving. 

ADOPTION - loving alternative

4)  GOD - only G decides when human life begins and ends - not humans. 

DOCTORS are playing G. 


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Christian believe human life begins at CONCEPTION because the BIBLE says God knows us and has a PLAN for us even when we are in the womb. 


Abortion breaks the COMMANDMENT not to kill and the SANCTITY OF LIFE

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Pro-Choice Christians AGREE

though do not encourage it

1) COMMANDMENT - does not break.

2) SANTITY - does not go againts. 

-------> BECAUSE embryo is not human. A set of cells with the POTENTIAL to be human. 

3) NEIGHBOUR - Love they neighbour

                              - Save the life of the mother/ prevent physical mental pain

                              - Baby is wanted and loved

                              - Prevent baby being born with serious handicap

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Abortion seem like a loving thing to do

- DOCTORS are doing Gods will - children wanted and loved

- GOD-GIVEN RIGHT to control her own body

- EMBRYO is not human utill brain waves are detected

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