Unit 4, The Existence of God

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Arguments for the existence of God, 1:-

The origin of the universe:-

  • God must exist, as the world had to come from somewhere.
  • Everything that exists is proof that a power beyond humans exists.
  • God caused the world to exist, so our world is proof that he exists.
  • It is like the domino effect - the 50th domino fell as the 49th domino caused it to fall.
  • Holy books contain written evidence that God created the world. They tell us that God made the earth in 7 days.


  • The story is not factually correct, as it contradicts itself (God made light on the first day, but He made the sun on the 4th day. The Sun is our natural source of light).


  • The story is constant in saying that God created the world, so it proves that God exists.
  • Its existence proves that He exists.
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Arguments for the existence of God, 2:-

The design argument :-

  • As the world is so precise and complex, a God must exist.
  • The world cannot exist by a chance explosion.
  • The sun - our planet is just the right distance away from the sun.
  • The breathing cycle - it must be planned and designed for animal and plant respiration to be so closely linked. So, the Earth was designed by a power beyond us.
  • The human eye - a creative mind made the camera. So, some superior being must have made something far more complex than it.
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Arguments for the existence of God, 3:-

The argument of people's experiences God :-

  • People have experienced God.
  • Religious books are historical writings that document these experiences.
  • Experiences of God should be sufficient evidence that He exists.
  • Just because the experience is not your own, it doesn't mean it can't be true or trusted.
  • General revelation - God is revealed in the natural world around us. People claim to feel overwhelmed at the beauty and thoughtful creativity of life.
  • Special revlation - God directly communicates to an individual. This is through: prayer, meditation, and visions. If this triggers a life changing experience, it is called a 'conversion' (e.g. Nicky Cruz - NY gangster, special revlation ocurred, became a Christian preacher.)
  • Selfish people often become loving and kind.
  • This is proof of His experience, and is enough evidence to show that God interviened. 
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Problems with the arguments for God existing 1:-

The origin of the universe :-

  • The world was not created by God, but by the Big Bang. Its delicate, intricate design was caused by its development and evolution.
  • The bible is not factually accurate. It contradicts itself on the subject of the Sun and the source of light, and when they were created.
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Problems with the arguments for God existing 2:-

The design argument :-

  • The world has not been intricately and carefully designed.
  • Many of the Earth's designs are problematic to the existence of life. For example, natural disasters and diseases.
  • These kill and destroy life.
  • The design of life is simply down to evolution - life forms adapting to their environment.
  • It is not designed and created like this by God.
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Problems with the arguments for God existing 3:-

The arguments of people's experiences of God :-

  • Experiences of God are only abstract evidence - as you can not see or hear them for yourself.
  • A person could be lying.
  • They are deluding themselves.
  • It could have just been an illusion of God, and therefore not real.
  • The person is mistaken of confused.
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The arguments against God existing :-

The argument of the existence of suffering and evil :-

  • God is supposed to be all-powerful and all-loving/caring.
  • Therefore why does he allow so much suffering to happen?
  • If he does not stop suffering, there is only one conclusion - he does not exist.
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The arguments against God existing 2:-

The argument of the big bang theory and evolution :-

  • The existence of the world is not proof that a creative and designing power God exists.
  • According, to scientists the world was created by the big bang.
  • God does not exists just because the world does.
  • An explosion created the universe, and since then evolution has developed it.
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The arguments against God existing 3:-

The argument of 'superhuman imagination':-

  • The concept of God being all-loving, eternal, all-knowing, and all-powerful. The qualities that humans wish to have.
  • God is an idol created by the human imagination.
  • Therefore, he only exists in our imagination.
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Problems with the arguments against God existing 1

The argument of the existence of suffering and evil :-

  • God gave humans free will.
  • Therefore, the evil in the world is not God's invention.
  • It is the fault of bad descisions made by humans.
  • God does not cause suffering by natural diasters, they are just part of nature.
  • Some say that they are results of human pollution.
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Problems with the arguments against God existing 2

The argument of the Big Bang theory and evolution :-

  • How can an explosion create a world that has so many delicate and intricate designs?
  • Explosions destroy - they do not create.
  • The Big Bang does not disprove God existing.
  • All things need to be caused to happen, and to be brought into existence.
  • The Big Bang started by an explosion of matter, which was created by God. Therefore God created the universe.
  • The theory of evolution is flawed. Humans cannot devleop from apes, as they are still on the planet today. 
  • Therefore this argument is weak.
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Problems with the arguments against God existing 3

The argument of 'superhuman imagination' :-

  • How can do many people be wrong about experiencing God?
  • Not all of them can be lying, deluded, or just imaganing him?
  • Millions of people can't have gotten it wrong.
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