unit 3a chemistry warm up pg 141


warm up pg 141 chemistry

1. it increases 

2. hydrogen 

3. negative 

4. more then one ion , coloued compounds , make useful catalysts 

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warm up p147 - chemistry

1. water doesnt form a leahter with soap , water forms scale on the indside of pipes , water that contains lots of calcium and magnesuim 

2. a furring on the inside of pipes mostly calcium carbonate 

3. temporay hardness and permanet hardness 

4. by distalation eg bolling water condenstating the steam 

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warm up pg 156 chemistry

1. they are the same 

2. it increases the amount of products 

3. ion 

4. they are recycled and used to produce more proudct 

5. c^ h"  oh 

6. metanonic acid ehtnaoic acid propanoic acid 

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