Unit 3 Maths

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Solving Simultaneous Equations

2x+y=9        Step 1: Eliminate an unknown -if the same sign takeaway if different signs add together  

x+y=5                                                                                                                           x+0=4                                                                                                                            x=4

2(x4)+y=9    Step 2: Substitute x with your answer                       

  8+y=9                                                                                                                         -8     -8                                                                                                                         y=1

4+1=5           Final check: see if the equation works with your answers               

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Solving Quadratic Equations by Factorising


Step 1: Identifying whether one or two brackets are needed.Because this question has number at the end you will need two brackets

(x+6)(x-1)=0   Step 2: find multiples of 6 that will add up to make +5

x=-6 or x=1    Step three: change the signs to make it add up to 0

2x2+11x+15=0   Step 1: Arrange the 2x2 into two brackets and divide it by the same number.

(2x  )(2x)           Step 2: multiply the last number with your first term. 15x2=30                   2                  Step 3: Find two multiples of 30 that adds up to the middle term-11

(2x+6)(2x+5)        Step 4: Finally divide the one or both brackets by 2                                   2                      


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