Unit 3, GCSE PE!

This is revision cards for Leisure and Recreation, Chapter 3 of AQA revision. 

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Leisure time; when you can choose what you do.

There are two types of leisure:

Active leisure

  • Activites that involve exertionof physical or mental energy and can often include low-impact physical activites.
  • Eg. Yoga or Walking.

Passive leisure

  • Activites such as those in which a person does not exert any significant physical or mental energy.
  • Eg. Going to the cinema, watching TV or playing video games. 
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Recreation; can mean just relaxing and enjoying yourself, but it is increasingly being used to mean doing something that is active and healthy.

Physical recreation

  • Participate for intrinsic award, rather than extrinsic, so you would be aware of the health benefits you would be getting as an individual, for pleasure and for a purposeful use of time.

Outdoor recreation

  • Activities associated with some degree of challenge.
  • Eg. Climbing, fell walking or caving.
  • Water based activities, such as sailing, windsurfing or canoeing.

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There are lots of physical activities to choose from and they differ between individuals for some of the following reasons:

  • Age; elderly people, activities such as bowls.
  • Location; if you lived near a beach, taking up surfing would work but snowboarding wouldn't.
  • Provision and cost; the area you live may not provide activities and even if there were, there may be a cost that could prevent you from participating.
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