Unit 3 Britain 1931-1951 Exam Revision-Chronological Timeline


Key Topic 1: The Impact of the Depression

  • 1911-National Insurance Benefit set up
  • November 1918-Out-of-work Donation Scheme (‘the dole’) set up for soldiers + war workers
  • 1921-NUWM set up
  • 1929-Ramsey Macdonald’s Labour Party comes to power
  • 1930-Unemployment Insurance Act
  • August 1931-Means test set up
  •  August 1931-Benefit rate cut by 15%
  • October 1931-Ramsey Macdonald’s National Government comes to power
  • 1934-Unemployment Act
  • 1934-Special Areas Act
  • 1934-Palmer’s Shipyard closed by the National Shipbuilders’ Society
  • October 1936-Jarrow March begins
  • 31st October 1936-Jarrow March reaches London
  •  1937-Special Areas (Amendment) Act
  • December 1937-Sir John Jarvis’ steel works open in Jarrow
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Key Topic 2: Britain Alone

  • From 1935-Local councils told to build air raid shelters and radar invented
  • 1937-Air Raid Precaution (ARP) Service set up
  • From 1938-People encouraged to consider evacuation
  • 1st September 1939-WWII BEGINS
  • 1st September 1939-Real evacuation begins
  • December 1939-Many evacuees return home
  • 9th April 1940-Germany invades Norway and Denmark
  • 10th April 1940-Germany begins Western Europe invasion (Operation Yellow)
  • 10th May 1940-Germany invades France
  • 10th May 1940-Churchill made Prime Minister
  • 14th May 1940-Anthony Eden asks for Local Defence Force volunteers
  • 21st May 1940-First retreating Allied troops reach Dunkirk
  • 26th May 1940-Operation Dynamo starts-Small boat owners asked to take troops to big ones
  • 29th May 1940-300 boats ferrying troops to bigger boats
  • 4th June 1940-Last boats take soldiers from Dunkirk to Britain
  • 22nd June 1940-France surrenders
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Key Topic 3: Britain at war

  • November 1936-The Ministry of Food made plans to control the food supply
  • June 1939-Government re-forms the Women’s Land Army for farming
  • 5th September 1939-Ministry of Information set up
  • 1939-Ministry of Supply set up (to control production of war supplies)
  • 8th January 1940-Rationing begins
  • 7th December 1941-Pearl Harbour attack
  • 8th December 1941-Conscription introduced for all unmarried women aged 20-30
  • 6th June 1944-D-Day
  • September 1944-Battle of Arnhem in the Netherlands-Decisive Axis victory
  • December 1944-Battle of the Bulge-Decisive Allied victory
  • April 1945-Hitler commits suicide
  • 8th May 1945-VE Day
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Key Topic 4: Labour in power

  • (1941-Law to raise income of those who could claim free healthcare from £250-£420)
  • 1st December 1942-Beveridge Report published
  • 1944-Education Act of 1944
  • 8th May 1945-VE Day
  • 23rd May 1945-Churchill resigns, new election set for 5th July
  • 5th July 1945-General election
  • 26th July 1945-Results publicised, delayed to allow for postal votes-Labour win a landslide
  • 1945-Family Allowances Act
  • From 1945-Government building schemes to provide work
  • 1945-Aneurin Bevan becomes Health Minister
  • 1946-National Insurance Act
  • 1946-National Assistance Act
  • 1946-1946 NHS Act-Free medical, dental and optical care for all
  • 1947-1947 NHS Act-Charges on prescriptions
  • 1947-1947 NHS Act-Charges on some services
  • 1948-NHS Act forced through despite delays caused by the BMA
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Key Topic 2: Britain Alone (Continued)

  • 10th July 1940-Battle of Britain begins
  • August 1940-LDF reaches 1,000,000 (renamed the Home Guard)
  • 10th July – 7th August 1940-Luftwaffe attacks on British coast especially radar stations
  • 8th August – 6th September 1940-Luftwaffe attacks on RAF airfields
  • 7th September – 15th September 1940-Luftwaffe begin to bomb London (Blitz begins)
  • 15th September 1940- Luftwaffe defeated (now called Battle of Britain day)
  • 17th September 1940-Hitler calls off Operation Sealion
  • 8th November 1940-RAF bombs Munich
  • 14th November 1940-Luftwaffe begins retaliatory bombing on Coventry
  • May 1941-Blitz ends
  • April 1942-German Baedeker raids
  • June 1942-RAF bombs Cologne
  • June 1942-Luftwaffe bombs Canterbury in retaliation
  • August 1942-Last Luftwaffe raid on Coventry
  • January 1943-Last big Luftwaffe raids
  • 12th June 1944-First V1 (Vergeltung 1) rockets launched
  • September 1944-First V2 (Vergeltung 2) rockets launched
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