Unit 2 Climate and Change

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Egypt - The Possible Impacts of Global Warming

  • A developing country 
  • Low greenhouse gas emissions - 2.6 tonnes per person per year (world average) 
  • Produce less than 1% all green house gases 
  • 99% of Egypts people live in 5% land area as so much is desert 
  • Average rainfall = less than 10mm.yr 
  • The River Nile is an important water supply 

With global warming...

  • If sea levels ise 50cm, 1/3 of teh city of Alexandria would be under water 
  • 10% Nile Delta would flood -> 7 million people would have to leave their homes -> farming would be hit -> there would be less food -> famine 
  • Less and more unreliable rainfall -> water shortages 
  • Desertification 
  • Heatwaves -> illness and death 
  • Malaria  incrase 

Water wars = 86% of the Niles water starts it's journey in Etheopia. Uganda, Sudan, and Etheopia are all building huge dams for Hydro Electric Power (HEP) This could have a serious impact on the amount of water reaching Egypt. This could lead to conflict and war 

They have a debt of 30 million. May not be able to cope with the impacts of global warming! 

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