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What does  it mean if a company has limited liability?

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  • business seen as a separate entity to owners.
  •  business can be sued as an organisation.
  •  shareholders not personally liable for business debts.
  •  business is registered with Companies House.
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How does having an objective help Fine Tune Aerials Ltd?

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  • gives Fine Tune Aerials Ltd a focus, something to aim at, eg doubling sales revenue in five years
  • allows FTA to judge how well it has performed
  •  ensures that resources are directed to an appropriate use.
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Do you think that Fine Tune Aerials Ltd should relocate to a larger city?  Use Item A to justify your answer.

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Answers for moving may include the following:

 larger market

 possibly less travelling to do, customers closer together

 more workers to choose employees from

 more likely to be kept up-to-date with developments in the industry.

Answers against moving may include the following:

 needs to find base, etc

 further commuting distances for managers

 could be more competition

 need to become established/get known.

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