Unit 1 - Sociology

Concepts, Studies of topic 1

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Global Culture

  • Inspired by the media advertising
  • Companies and brand now operate on a global scale e.g. mcdonalds
  • Local cultures weakening as in the face of competition
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Where some customs, traditions, or products that DO NOT oriniginate from America..

e.g. football, electronic goods, bollywood

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The global and the local are connected

  • Global events can have local repercussions - global economic downturn causes local uneployment
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Stigmatised Identity

Where you are excluding disabled people from full particpation in society as they face unneccesary physical barries

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How society treats people with disabilities

  • Not valued
  • Treated as a child
  • Not a whole person
  • Negative - do not think they can last long in the outside world
  • Not capable of doing normal things
  • Ask questions
  • Low expectations
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How does diability affect self identity

  • Lack of dignity
  • Low self-esteem
  • May not have the confidence to ask for help
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The role of advertising according to Marxists

  • Aims to convince people that their sense of self depends on buying into the very latest and ever changing lifestyle trends, to the benefit of the large businesses making the products required to establish those identities
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The expected pattern of behaviour associated with a particular social status

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Alison Kelly (1987)

Observes that science subjects tend to be seen as masculine by both teachers and pupils.

Also argues that the behaviour of boys themselves can dominate science classrooms.

Reflects the values of PATRIARCHAL IDEOLOGY

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Strinati (1995)

Emphasizes the importance and power of the mass media and pop culture in shaping consumer choices

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Believes that peoples' occupations and the way they experience their work, such as the amount of independence and satisfaction they have there, have important influences on their leisure

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Charles Murray

Believes there is an underclass - a group who perfer to live off crime or welfare benefits rather than work

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