Unit 1 Dynamic Planet (Key Case studies)

Case studies 

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Sakurajima, Japan

  • Stratovolcano/composite volcano (steep sided) 
  • Destructive plate boundary 
  • The Pacific plate subducted under the Eurasion plate 
  • Has been erupting since 1950's 

Short term effects: Volcano bombs are thrown over 3km from the volcano, Pyroclastic flows travel 2 km, 30km of ash erupts out every year 

Long term effetcs:  40% of the land surrounding teh volcano is used for growing tea and rice because the volcano has made it really fertile, Hot springs and lava flows are popular tourist attrations 

Managing the threatJapan is adeveloped country so has money......

MONITERING AND PREDICITION Aricraft moniter the amount of gas being given off, Tiltmeter detects swelling of magma in the rocks, Boreholes measure the temrature of the water, Hotsprings are minitered, Seismometres moniter earthquake activity 

PROTECTION = Concrete shelters protect people form bombs/ash, Concrete lahar channels divert dangerous mudflows 

EVACUATION = Evacuation routes clearly sign posted, Evacuation drills 

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  • January 2010 
  • 7.0 on the Rickter Scale 
  • No warning 

PRIMARY EFFECTS (Casued instanty by the earthquake) 

  • 230 000 died 
  • 300 000 injured 
  • 1 million made homeless 

SECONDARY EFFECTS (In the days and weeks following the earthquakes) 

  • Lots of afterschocks -> buildings collapse 
  • Cholera spread 
  • People forced to live in poor quality shanty houses 
  • Looting broke out 


Haiti was unable to respond quickly and had to wait for international help to arrive. Charities and goverments form all over teh world donated money to help 

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