Unit 1 Democracy and Political Participation

Key words and there meanings


A very general description of variuos political system which are organsied on the basis the government should serv the interest of the people. In liberal Democracies it is also expected that citizens should influence decisions or make decisions themsleves. It is expected that government should be accountable, in various ways, to the people.

Abraham Lincoln gave us the best known modern description of democracy.

Government BY the people BY

Government FOR the people FOR

Government WITH the people WITH

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Opportunities for and tendencies of the people to become involed in the political process. At a minimum level this will involve voting, but may also invlove active work in political parties or pressure groups. At the highest levek it implies standing for public office.

This is done by people..

1. Making themselves aware of political issues and voting in elections

2. Becoming actively involved in the promotion of issues in which they are interest - this may be at local or nation levels and cold involve memebership of pressure groups.

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