Unit 1 Cell Structure

General info about the structure of cells

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In the Nucleus:

  • Nuclear envelope
    • double membrane surrounding nucleus
    • outer membrane is continuous with rough ER
    • often has ribosomes on surface
    • controls entry and exit of materials in & out of nucleus
    • contains reactions taking place within
  • Nuclear pores
    • allow passage of large molecules e.g. messenger RNA
    • usually around 3000 pores in a nucleus - 40-100nm wid
  • Chromatin
    • DNA found within nucleoplasm
    • chromosomes take this form when not dividing
  • Nucleolus
    • manufactures RNA and assembles ribosomes
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Function Of the Nucleus

  • acts as the control centre of the cell - controls production of RNA and hence protein synthesis
  • contains genetic material in the form of DNA or chromosomes
  • manufactures RNA and ribosomes
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