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London Docklands, East London 

  • The docklands became to focus on urban regeneration.
  • To create a better environment 200,000 trees were planted , 17 conservation areas setup and derelict land was reclaimed.
  • Economically , 1000s of jobs were created , the area was made an enterprise zone and the canary wharf was built.
  • Socially, 22,000 new homes were built and 10.000 were refurbished. The LDDC also spent £100 million health and education services.


  • The Former dockers were left unemployed by the changes as they did not have skill to find a job on the new industries.
  • There was a shortage of low cost housing suitable for local residents who cannot afford new, expansive apartment.
  • Lastly, there has been a break down of community between Eastenders.
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