Unit 10 10.1 - Christian beliefs

this is talking about the main points in the section 10.1 for unit 10 edexcel GCSE, 

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Christian Beliefs - salvation from sin

Christian beliefs about salvation from sin


  • WIthout it, a persons sins would prevent them having a  relationship with God
  • Only way a person can have eternal life
  • Reason why God became man
  • Explains why the sacraments and mass are at the heart of Christian life
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Christian Beliefs - Love of God

Love of God affects Christians lives


  • Weekly Mass
  • Other sacraments
  • Christan life


  • Greatest commandment 
  • Living life that God wants 
  • Response to how God has loved his people
  • Church teachings

How it affects Christian lives

  • Abilites and talents as God intended 
  • Respect towards Gods creation
  • Follow rules set by God
  • Make the most of vocations given 
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Christian Beliefs - Love of others

Teachings on the Love of others

Mark 12:29-31

Meaning: - Strong and as endless as it is for ones self. - Important to God. - What                     God wants from christians 

Importance: - Commandment. - Gods will. - Not easy. 

The parable of the Good Samaritan:

Meaning: - Show love to everyone. - Show love for Enemy. - For ill or less well off it                   could mean life or death. - What God wants.

Importance: - Person neighbour is everyone. - What God wants. - Reassures                               Christians. - neighbour is anyone - whatever their race or religion.

The parable of the Sheep and Goats. 

Meaning: -  Show love for others. - By showing this your showing love of God.                     -  what God wants. 

Importance: - Teaches it shows love of God. - Caring for thoes people who are                         hungry, thirsty, strangers. - Loving your neighbour is important. -                         reward for showing love to those who are suffering. - those who                           dont help will be punished. 

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