Unit 10 - 10.1 - Beliefs about God.

this is talking about the main poiunts in the section 10.1 for unit 10 edexcel GCSE, 

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Beliefs about God - unity and trinity.

God as the unity and trinity: 


  • Helps christians understand different ways God has shown his presence in the world. Father - power and creativity. Son - care for the world, help Chrstians uderstand love for God, leads to salvation. Holy spirit - presence. 
  • Baptism of Jesus recorded in Gospel.(bible example). God is trinity.
  • Apostolic tradition. Must believe the tachings of St Peter and St Paul. 
  • Teaching of the church. 
  • In the catechism


  • Teachings of the bible.
  • First of the 10 commandments. 
  • Taught by Jesus.
  • Teaching of the Church, Creeds and Catechism.
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Beliefs about God - Father

God as the Father:


  • Father - child relationship 
  • God creates human life
  • God will provide for his children
  • God will provide daily bread abd protect from evil (the 'Our father')
  • Turn to God when in need. 


  • Bible shows that jesus referred to God as the father
  • In the Creeds
  • Catechism
  • Allows christians to have a personal relationship with God. 
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Beliefs about God - Creator

God as the creator


  • God created the universe - life is not an accident
  • he is all powerful
  • God is good = universe is good 
  • humans were egods ultimate creation.


  • Creeds 
  • Catechism
  • Creadted by God -  Good purpose
  • Life is sacred - God is the creator 
  • Gave Humans a purpose to life 
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Beliefs about God - Jesus is the son of God

Jesus is the Son of God


  • Jesus is God incarnated
  • both fully Human and divine 
  • Gods powers on Earth 
  • Jesus death was a sacrifice - bringing salvation


  • Only the Son of God could bring salvation
  • Chance to see what God is like 
  • makes his teachings and life more important 
  • Creeds
  • Catechism
  • Church
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Beliefs about God - Holy Spirit

Believing in the Holy Spirit. 


  • Third person in the trinity 
  • How God communicates with Humans 
  • Bible 
  • Assists Church


  • Third person of the trinity 
  • Church teachings 
  • Sacraments - relationship with God 
  • Guidance to the church when electing the pope
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