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multimedia is the using if many media such as text, audio, video, photos and interactivity.

in education                                                                     in entertainment

uses of multimedia in education include:                       posting text. images and videos on social

  • interactive whiteboards                                             networking sites. also webcams to chat.
  • online tutorials                                                           listening/downloading music and seeing
  • simulations to explain how things work                     videos along with the music. televison
  • revision materials                                                      on the internet.

multimedia in business                                                    in society

  • websites to promote products and sevices                flexibility- many different ways of doing
  • presentations given to an audience                                           one thing.e-books.
  • promotional videos/cartoons                                     interactivity- more control.
  • banner adverts on other organistions' websites       attention getting- word gets around
  • adverts on the internet                                              quicker using websites.
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mutimedia 2

advantages                                                                       dis advantages

offers interaction with the user, they can decide           very time consuming to produce a good

what they to do and in which order.                               piece of multimedia software.

different ways of presenting information other              places high demand on software often

than just reading text.                                                   leading to buyong new or upgrading.

can suit different learning styles.                                  text is not formatted properly when printed

enables learning through exploration, discovery          uses lots of power, runs down battery.

and experience.                                                          

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