Unit 15 Dignity

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Take time to understand and know the person,

their previous lives and past achievements, and

support people to develop ‘life story books’.

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Treat people as equals, ensuring they remain in

control of what happens to them.


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Empower people by making sure they have

opportunities to make their own choices.

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Ensure that people are fully involved in any

decision that affects their care, including

personal decisions (such as what to eat, what

to wear and what time to go to bed), and wider

decisions about the service or organisation

(such as menu planning or recruiting new staff).

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Make sure that practitioners/staff are able to support all people who use the service and meet their indivdiual needs, including how they communicate.

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Encourage people's independence, making sure they are supported to be as independent as possible.

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Support the individuals right to privacy, thinking of ways to keep their dignity with personal care and other areas of their life.

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