unit 1 music industry


Music Industry

Small & medium local venues:



School stage

Small theatre


Intimate atmosphere

Close to audience

More accessible for local bands

Caters for the community


Poor sound quality & technical facility

Limited audience

Less publicity/ promotion

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Music Industry large venue

Large multi-use spaces:


Sports’ Arena

West End Theatre

Outdoor festival (Glastonbury)


Excellent sound & technical facilities

Huge publicity & promotion

Higher fee from tickets sold


You have to be already famous to perform at a large venue (less easily accessible)

The cost of hiring a large venue

Less intimate interaction with audience.

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Health & safety, security at venues:

Health & safety, security at venues:

List H&S and security concerns:

1.      Heating, lighting & ventilation

2.      Electrical equipment safe

3.      Toilets & clean drinking water

4.      First Aid & Emergency exits in case of fire

5.      Obstacles appropriately lit/indicated (i.e. stairs)

6.      Adequate parking & parking arrangements

7.      Flow of people in and out of venue

8.      Secure ramps/stage scaffolding

9.      Noise/Rubbish and Environmental Factors



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