Unit 1

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Social Development and Building Relationships

Social development is the way that individuals become INDEPENDANT and form FRIENDSHIPS and RELATIONSHIPS with others.

Friendships: These involve learning to value others and developing the skills needed to make friends with individuals and with groups of people.

Relationships: These involve developing the skills to interact with other people in FORMAL (for example, with colleagues at work) and INFORMAL situations (for example, within a family). They also cover intimate relationships in adulthood.

Independance: this involves doing things by oneslef and making decisiones without relying on others.

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Promoting Independance

Things that promote independance:

Infancy: Feeding oneself

Childhood: Dressing oneself

Adolescence: Learning to drive

Adulthood: Starting a new job

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Social and Emotional Development

Social development is closely linked with emotional development. Some questions will require you to identify or explain the effects of both aspects of development.

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