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Biology !

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Fittness And Health

Fit- ability to perform a physical task

Healthy- Free of Infection of Disease

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Blood Pressure

Blood pressure is measured in units mmHg

Example of some ones blood pressure 130/85

the 130 is the systolic pressure, it is the higher pressure and occurs when the heart contracts

the 85 is the dystolic pressure, it is the lower pressure and occurs when the heart relaxes


What causes high? Excess fat, smoking, drinking to much alcohol, excessive drug use, diet e.g to much salt, under to much stress, cholesterol causes because narrows arteries by a build up of plaque in the vessel narrowing it and the heart having to beat harder/faster to get the blood the necessary muscles. 

Effects? Heart attack, stroke, 


What causes low? Diseases

Effects? Poor circulation and muscles do not get the essentials like foods and oxygen in time.

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Eating Healthily

Balanced diet in essential to live a healthy life

Nutrients:                   Example:                             Functions:

Carbohydrates           Potatoes, Pasta, Cereal      Provides energy

Fats&Oils                  Sweets, Chocolate,             Provides energy, stored as                                                                                       insulation

Proteins                    Red Meat, Nuts, Eggs         Needed for growth and repair

Vitamins&Minerals    Vitamin C - oranges            To prevent diseases such as                                                                                      scurvy caused by vitamin c                                                                                        difficiency 

Water                        Water                                  To replace water lost through                                                                                    sweating and excretion 

Diet is different for different peoople

-Children and Babies need higher protein diets as they are at the stage in life where they grow the most

-Gender, females need more iron as alot is lost through blood in the menstrol cycle

-Physical activity, more sporty people need more carbohydrates to provide more energy

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Diet Problems


in developing countries more people suffer from kwashiorkor, as they is a higher populations, so this means there is a higher demand for protein rich foods which the countries do not have. 


EAR is estimated average daily intake of protein

You ear is calculated by:          0.6 X Body Mass (Kg)


BMI is your body mass index, it indicates if your under weight or over weight

your bmi is calculated by:       Body Mass (Kg)

                                               Height (m) squared

Underweight:             below 18.5

Normal:                     18.5-24.9

Over Weight:             25-29.9

Moderately Obese:   30-40

Severely Obese:       above 40

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