under, over and optimum populations

just a lil bit about population for AS geog

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under, over and optimum pop

under population is where there are less people to resources

Whilst this maybe considered good it could result in resources not being used to their full potential, gerenating more waste

Also areas with lower populations could miss out on certain resources because there aren't enough people there to make it a reasonable investment as it is too costly

May have to have incentives for immigration to balance the lack of people

E.g Germany after ww2 when thye invited the Gastarbeiter over

Rural areas of France

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Over population

there are more people to resources, meaning their is a resource deficiet

some may have to go with out, and the country would put in place policies to lower the total population E.g 1 child rule after the 50s in China

sometimes it only lasts on a short term basis but baby booms and the Irish potatoe famine can make it harder to cope on a shortage of resources with a mass population

Optimum population

where resources are used their potential (the best use of resources to serve the population)

resources and population are balanced- this never lasts for long as there are too many limiting factors to alter this

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