UK Tourism - Case Study

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Lake District

15 million visitor each year:

  • Come to enjoy scenery - Lakes (windermere) and mountian
  • Many activities available - walking, bird watching, pony trekking, boat rides, rock climbing.
  • Clutural attractions - Wordswroth Museum
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The Lake district has issues with traffic, erosion and protecting wildlife.

  • Coping with Traffic - Public transport being improved to make the national park more accessable. "Give the driver a break" give leafets informing of public transport and gives discounts to tourist who present train and bs tickets at cafes and lake cruises.
  • Coping with footpath erosion - resting popular routes and chaning the line pf path and using less vunerable areas. Also using hard wearing material. Eg at Tans Hows some paths have been covered with soil and reseeded and main routes has been gravelled to protect it.
  • Protecting wildlife - Tourist encouraged to be responsible by clsoing gates and taking litter home, signpost reminding them of this. Also, bins are provided at popular sites.
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Plans to keep attracting.

  • Stragery is to attract an extra 2 million tourist by 2018, and increase amount toursit sprend from £1.1 billion to £1.5 billion
  • Public transport to be improved
  • Widespread advertising and marketing
  • Farms encourged to do more fun actvities like quad biking.
  • Time share development so there is toursit all year round.
  • Encouage tourism in other parts too, like Whitehaven.
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