UK City Destination (Manchester)

Manchester is located in the North West of England, 4 hours away from its capital city London and is a UK City Destination.

Has a range of customers types such as; teenagers, couples, families, and school students.

Teenagers might visit Manchester to either go shopping at Manchester Arndale Center, or they might be going to a concert with friends at Manchester Arena. Or they might just want to relax at Piccadily Gardens with the fountains with friends if theres nice weather

Couples might visit Manchester for a romantic get away in the Hilton Hotel, or they migtht go shopping at the Manchester Arndale or relax at the gardens as well as teenagers.

Families might visit Manchester to visit football clubs such as Manchester City Football Stadium, or visit museums such as MOSI or vsitit the Manchester Art Gallery for a day trip out with the childen.

School Students might also visit Manchester as a school trip and visit Information Points for coursework, or visit museums and gallerys linked to the lessons they take, such as MOSI and Manchester Art Gallery.

The main features Manchester has are:

  • Hilton Hotel - Cloud 9 bar.
  • Manchest Art Gallery.
  • Manchester Arena - Live Concerts/Shows.
  • MOSI - 4D Theatre, Science Museum, Trains.
  • Palace Theatre - Opera, Musicals etc

Overseas City Destination (New York City)

New York City is an Overseas City Destination located in The United States of America, in the NY State.

The customer types it attracts are; Families with older children, Couples and OAP's.

Families with younger children would not be reccommended as New York is over crowded and they would get lost.

Families with older children would visit The Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge, The Natural History Museum and Madison Sq Gardens.

OAP's would visit Central Gardens as there is 800 acres of land for them to go for a walk through or have a picnic and take in the fresh air. They might also visit the Twin Towers Memorial called Ground Zero, or have a walk across the Brooklyn Bridege.

The main features New York City has are;

  • Central Park - 800 acres of greenery
  • Maddison Sq Gardens - Live Concerts, Basketball Matches etc.
  • Natural History Museum
  • Ground Zero - Twin Towers Memorial
  • Brooklyn Bridge
  • Statue of Liberty
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UK Historic Attraction (Styal Mill)

Styal Mill is an 18th Centry Mill and is property of the National Trust and is a Historic Attraction based in Manchester in the North West of England.

The main customer types Styal Mill attracts are; school students, OAP's and Families.

School students would visit Styal Mill for educational visits or exhibitions.

Elderly people would visit Styal Mill for woodland walks.

The main features Styal Mill offers are:

  • Gift Shop.
  • Mill Restaurant.
  • Cotton Mill - Demonstrations and Exhibitions, aslo has costume tours.
  • Water Wheel.
  • Apprentice House - Used in the 1800's.
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Overseas Historic Attraction (Colosseum)

The Colosseum is an Overseas Historic Attraction located in Rome, in Italy on the western coast.

The main customer types it attracts are; School Students, Families, Couples.

Also has access for disabled people.

School Students would visit the Colosseum to learn about the history of it using the tours and guides.

Couples would visit the Colosseum for a strole and learn to the learn about the history of the Colosseum.

The main features the Colosseum has are:

  • Book Shop
  • Guided Tours
  • Audio Tours

Open all year round, so less ques in the winter and cheaper prices.

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