UK Water

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·       Water Deficit in South East and Midlands

·       Water Surplus in North and West UK

·       Over past 25 years, amount of water used by people in the UK has gone up by 50%

·       UK Population predicted to increase by 10 million in the next 20 years

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·       Transfer of water from areas of surplus to deficit e.g. Wales to Birmingham

o   Expensive

o   Affects Wildlife

o   Political issues

·       Build more reservoirs

o   Floods settlements

o   Relocating people

·       Fixing leaky pipes

o   Millions of litres of water lost every day in London through leaky pipes

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Reducing Demands

·       Reduce water used at home

o   Showers instead of baths

o   Only running full washing machines

o   Using hosepipes less

·       Water metres being installed

o   Charge people for the exact amount of water used

o   People will be more careful as they pay for every drop.

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