UK Reservoir Case Study

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  • Boosts local economy - popular tourist attraction
  • Around 6km^2 was flooded, including farmland.


  • Recreational activities take place
  • Jobs created to build and maintain - including nature reserve and recreational activities
  • Two villages demolished
  • Schools use it for educational visits


  • Site of Special Scientific Interest
  • Lots of birtds live there - Osprey reintroduced
  • Variety of habitats - eg. marshes, mudflats and lagoons
  • Large area flooded, destroyed some habitats
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  • Dam built during 1970s
  • Covers 12km^2
  • Filled with water from two rivers - Welland and Nene
  • Made to supply East Midlands with more water to cope with rapid population growth
  • Areas nearby used as a nature reserve and for recreation
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