Types of production As+ Ds for GCSE Business studies

To help get to grips with the methods of production and whats their advantages and disadvantages are - hope they help !

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Job production

Also called one off production this is where you produce a one of a kind product or service which is designed / choosen by the customer for example a wedding dress which is to the excate measurments of the wearer


  • it is a high quality prodcut 
  • requires a high level of skill to produce - and you have to pay for this as well as the fact it is excatly what the customer wants so you supply want is wanted 
  • as it is hhigh cost your breakeven number of sales is lower
  • motivational as you see something from the start to end of production so the work will be even better 


  • takes a long time to make 
  • high cost to the consumer puts people off 
  • harder to achieve economies of scale as you may need different raw materials
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Batch production

BATCH - like making cake or biscuits is a good way to think about this type of production


  • you can make more than one product in  a given amount of time 
  • economies of scale as you need more raw materials that are the same
  • allows you to make similar products that only need small changes for example a batch of lemon cakes and one batch of chocolate ones


  • if you mess one product up then it is likely you have messed the whole batch up for example if the temp was too high in the oven when making cakes
  • may need expensive specialist equipment
  • may get varying quality products
  • can take a long time to switch to making something different
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Mass/ process production

newspapers are made using this type of production , this is production on a large scale. Process production is where the product you are making goes through  a process for example petrol


  • highly automated so you get consistency in the product as there is no human error
  • lots can be made very quickly - so may be able to deal with demand best 
  • lots is made so purchasing economies of scale is possible
  • low cost the the customer due to economies of scale


  • the cost of the equipment is very high
  • if there is a problem in the plant then production may be halted completely
  • could be a low quality product 
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