Types of Pedestrian Crossing

A pedestrian crossing is regarded as a safe place for pedestrians to cross a road, as there is usually some form of traffic calming measure to help you get to the other side.

These measures may be painted stripes on the road, flashing beacons or traffic light set – we explain the most common below.

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Zebra Crossings

Flashing beacons on either side of the road signify a Zebra crossing. When crossing at a Zebra Crossing you must not step out on traffic, always give vehicles enough time to slow and remember if the road conditions are anything but dry motorists will need more braking time to get stopped. When using a Zebra Crossing you must take note that traffic does not have to stop unless you are on the crossing. When crossing the road remember to stay alert, look both ways and listen for drivers or riders that have not seen you and attempt to overtake a vehicle that has stopped.

If the Zebra crossing is split by an island then you must treat each part as a separate crossing.

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Traffic Lights

There is usually a pedestrian crossing at a traffic lights set. It is a mechanized system and you should only cross the road when the green figure is showing. If you are in the middle of crossing the road and the green man disappears then make sure to get to the other side quickly – you should still have time to carry out the rest of your crossing but you should make sure not to delay. If there are no pedestrian signals then you need to watch the road carefully and not cross until the traffic lights are red and the traffic has come to a complete halt. Make sure that you have checked for filter lights as some of the traffic may be at a standstill when other lanes are about to move off.

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Pelican Crossings

Pedestrians must push the button to start the system at a Pelican crossing. To stop the traffic so that you can cross the road you must push the control button to activate the traffic light signals. When the red figure shows, you have to wait and be patient until the green man lights up .when the red light disappears and the green man comes on then it is advisable to cross the road, as always you should cross the road with care. If you have already started crossing when the green light goes out you should have time to finish crossing safely.

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Puffin Crossings

Puffin crossings are another crossing with a machine controlling when you can and cannot cross the road. The control box with the red and green man is on your side of the road and you may only cross when the green man is showing .To start the system you must first press the button, the red man will appear until the lights stop the traffic and then the green man will show and you can continue your journey by crossing the road.

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Toucan Crossings

Toucan crossings are controlled by lights. Not only can pedestrians cross at this point but cyclists can too and they are permitted to ride across the crossing. This system is push button operated and you must wait until the green signal appears before you can cross the road.

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Equestrian Crossings

Equestrian Crossings are for horse riders. These crossings are usually wider than normal pedestrian crossings and they will have barriers on the pavement to keep the horse and rider in a box until they are permitted to cross the road.

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Staggered Pelican or Puffin Crossings

When the crossings on each side are staggered then pedestrians must treat them as two separate crossings.

Crossing Controlled by an Authorized Person

You must not cross the road until given the signal by a police officer, traffic warden or school crossing patrol. You should always cross in front of them.

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