Types of attachment

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Types of attachment

Secure attachment (Type B)

  • willingly explores environment.
  • shows distress on separation from mother (separation anxiety).
  • greets mother warmly (reunion behaviour).
  • outgoing & friendly with strangers when mother present (stranger anxiety).

Insecure - anxious/avoidant (Type A)

  • little/no interest in exploring environment.
  • little distress when separated.
  • avoids contact with mother when she returns.
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Types of attachment

Insecure - anxious/resistant (Type C)

  • appears anxious.
  • distress when separated from mother.
  • ambivalence when she returns.
  • nervous of strangers when mother present.

Insecure - disorganised/disorientated (Type D)

  • mix of attachment types A and C.
  • confusion when mother returns - approach her or avoid her?
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