Types of Volcanoes

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Fissure Volcano

  • Occurs where an elongated crack in the crust allows lava to spill out over a large area. 
  • Typically found around spreading ridges where tension pulls the crust apart. 
  • Existing tapography was drowed in a vast lake of basaltic lava. 
  • Rock type: Basaltic
  • Location: Early constructive margins
  • Eruption: Gentle persistent.
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Shield Volcano

  • Made of basaltic rock and form gently sloping cones from layers of less viscous lava. 
  • They are much bigger.
  • An entire structure extend 10, 999m from the ocean floor. 
  • Rock type: Basaltic
  • Location: Hot spots / Oceanic crust meets oceanic crust.
  • Eruption: Gentle, predictable
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Composite Volcano

  • Common type found on land.
  • Created by layers of ash from initial explosive phases of eruption and subsequent layers of lava from main eruption phases. 
  • Rock type: Andesitic
  • Location: Destructive margins.
  • Eruption: Explosive, Unpredictable margins

Acid/Dome Volcano

  • Steep sided volcanoes formed from very viscous lava. 
  • Lava can't travel far - builds up convex cone shaped volcanoes.
  • Lava may solidify in the vent and be revealed later by erosion.
    • Rock type: Rhyolitic
    • Location: Continental crust
    • Eruption: Explosive, Unpredictable
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Caldera Volcano

  • Form when gases that have built up beneath a blocked volcanic vent result in a catastrophoc eruption that destroys the volcano summit. 
  • It leaves an enormous crater where later eruption may form smaller cones.
  • Rock type: Andesitic
  • Location: Destructive margins.
  • Eruption: Very explosive, Unpredictable
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