Types of Volcano


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  • Found at destuctive margins
  • classic pyramid shape with steep layers as viscous lava due to high silica content
  • violent explosions due to andestic lava
  • parasitic cone formed by an offshoot of magma

Examples - Enta/ Montserrat

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Lava/Platues or fissures

  • lava platues formed by fissures
  • divergant plates
  • low in silica so flow easily meaning they spread for cinserdable distances
  • generally flat and featurless
  • elongated crack lets the lava rise and spill out

Example - Heimaey Iceland in 1973 - when Eurasion and NA plate diverged and the land was dronwned in basaltic lava - fragments can be seen in the Giants Causeway

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Basic/shield volcano

  • found at Hotpsots or at constructive boundaries
  • gently sloping cones
  • basatlic lava
  • low profile was lava can run for longer
  • gentle more frequent eruptions

Mt Loa in Haiwaii in the volcanic which is 4170m above sea level

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Ash/dome volcanoes

  • steep sided convex cones
  • visocus ryholite lava - very high in silica
  • lava may solidify in the domes and be revelaed by erosion
  • can create spines due to lava being pushed up
  • unpredicatble, explosive reactions

Example - Puy De Dome region of France

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Form when gases build up benath and blocked volcanic event and a catastopic eruptions destroys the summit of the volcano - leaves an emerous crater

can be seveal Km in diameter

some fll with water to form lakes

andestic rock type, gas cannot escape which creates the euruption

Examples - Crater Lake in the US, Kratatora in Indoesia

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Cinder Cones

  • Formed from ash and cinder and volcanic bombs ejected from the creater
  • steep and symmetircal

Examples - paricutin in Mexico

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