Types of long-term memory: episodic, semantic, procedural.

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Episodic memory

  • Explicit: can be recalled and inspected consciously
  • Personal memories of events including contextual and emotional details
  • e.g an argument at a Christmas dinner

Semantic memory

  • Explicit: can be recalled and inspected consciously
  • Shared semantic or concrete memories among people of facts and knowledge
  • It may begin as episodic as knowledge is acquired based on personal experience
  • The memory becomes semantic when the episodic memory loses its association to certain events (though some people still have episodic memories of when they learned a fact)
  • e.g Knowing ice is made of water is a concrete semantic memory
  • e.g Mathematical knowledge is an abstract semantic memory

Procedural memory

  • Implicit: is unable to consciously recall
  • A memory of how to do things
  • These memories are automatic as a result of repeated practise, so we are less aware of them
  • It is important that these memories are automatic so that our attention can be focused on other tasks while performing everyday skills
  • e.g reading, riding a bike
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