types of erosion



the movement of material along the coast by the waves- or any type of water. the four main types are.

-traction, larger sediment rolling along the floor

- saltation, small sediment picked up temporary in water

-suspension, small sediment being carried in water

-solution, small particles of matter being disolved by the water

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mass movement

gravity pulling down material from a cliff, cliffs are always under pressure and that can cause alot of material to all down all in one go

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when things are starting to be broken down, here are the most common forms

-mechanical, rain going into cracks and creating weakness in rocks

-chemical, rection in nature leading to change eg. acid rain

-biological, aninals and plants breaking down the cliff

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the wearing away of a material by a force

-abarasion, sediment thrown againt a furface

-hydralic action, water goign into cracks and through freeze thaw breaking rocks apart

-attririon, pebbles bashing against each other

-solution, when rocks are disolved in water

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the laying down of materials that have been transported through erosion

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