Types of energy

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Types of energy

There are 9 types of energy:

Gravitational potential
Elastic potential

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The seven stores of energy

Energy can be stored, the seven energy stores are:

Thermal- everything has some energy in its thermal energy store- the hotter something is, the higher the temperature and the more energy in its thermal energy store.
Kinetic- anything that moves has some in its kinetic energy store.

Gravitational potential- anything that can fall(gravitational field) has energy in its potential energy store and the more it falls, the more it has.

Magnetic- two magnets that attract or repel each other have energy in the magnetic store.
Chemical- anything with energy which can be released by a chemical reaction(food, fuels, batteries)
Electrostatic- two electric charges that attract or repel each other have this energy.

Elastic potential- anything stretches has energy in its elastic potential energy store(rubber bands, springs, knickers)

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Energy transfer

Energy can can transferred between different stores.

Most of the time whenever anything happens to an object, energy is transferred from one store to another store of energy- the store of energy you transfer to increases and the store of energy you transfer from decreases.

1. A stretched object, like a spring, has an elastic energy store. When it’s released, the energy in the elastic energy store decreases quickly as its transformed to the kinetic energy store.

2. Food has a lot of chemical energy stores, when you eat food it’s metabolised which releases the energy in the food. You can then use the energy for useful things like walking and keeping warm.

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Four ways of transferring energy

Mechanically- when a force makes something move. For example: if an object is pushed,pulled stretched or squashed.

By heating- when energy is transferred from hotter objects to colder objects.

Electrically- when electric charges move around an electric circuit due to a potential difference

By light and sound- when light or sound waves carry energy from one place to another.

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Energy transfer

When a force moves an object through a distance, energy is transferred.

1) whenever something move, something else is supplying some sort of effort to move it.

2) the thing putting in the effort needs a supply of energy(from fuel or food etc....)

3) it then transfers energy by moving the object- the supply of energy is transferred to kinetic energy stores.

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