Types of bills - Parliamentary law making

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Public bills - Government bills

These bills are the majority of bills passed a year and are directly influenced by the government.

Why would a government want to pass a bill? 

  • Manifesto promises
  • Response to an incident
  • Comply with international agreements 
  • Following reccomendations from the Law Commission

An example of this would be the Childcare bill (2015)

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Public bill - Private members bill

These are introduced by backbench MP's not many of these bills become law, due to the lack of debating time.

Are often used to highlight concerns to the government, a government will then be subsequently passed.

Examples include: Murder Act 1965

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Private bill

Don't effect the public as a whole, but do effect some people and organisations. They are introduced though a petition in parliament by the individuals concerned.

Examples : Marriage enabling Act 1980

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Hybrid bills

This is a mixture between a private bill and a public bill. It will be linked with an organisation but also effect the public in a way.

Channel tunnel Act 1996

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