Type of rocks

Igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary

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1) These form when magma cools down below the earth's surface

2) The magma cools down very slowly, forming large crystal that give the rock a coarse texture

3) Large domes of cooled magma form domes of igneous rock called batholiths

4) Where magma has flowed into rocks in the surrounding rock, it forms dykes (verticle gaps) and sills (horizontal gaps)

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Intrusive Igneous Rock

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1) These form when magma cools after it's erupted from a volcano onto the earths surface

2) The magma cools very quickly giving the rocks a fine texture

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Extrusive Igneous Rock

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Most commonly, rocks formed from the accumilation of sediment on the sea floor

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   Sedimentary Rock

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Rocks that have undergone a change in their chemistry and texture as a result of heating and/or pressure

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   Metamorphic Rock

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