Type of Nouns

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Proper and Abstract Nouns

Proper : They refer to places or people i.e. "I am Joe Bloggs, from London"

Abstract : They refer to states, feelings and concepts that have no physical existence i.e. "I feel pain all over me!"

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Concrete and Collective Nouns

Concrete : They refer to objects which have a physical existence i.e. "I saw a dog over by the tree."

Collective : They refer to a group of objects i.e. A gaggle of Geese

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Subjective and Possesive Pronouns

Subjective : They act as a subject of a sentence. It peforms the action of a verb i.e. "After lunch SHE and I went and sat in the park"

Possesive : A noun that shows ownership of an object or a person i.e. "This is MY boyfriend, Kris"

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Reflexive and Demonstrative Pronouns

Reflexive : They refer back to the subject of the text i.e. "She went to the cafe to sort things out with him, but if it were me, I wouldn't have bothered"

Demonstrative : This points at a noun (object/person/place) i.e. "There is the door!" or "There he is" or "Over there is the cinema"

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