Turn of the Screw quotes-The Governess

Quotes on the Governess

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  •   ‘A castle of romance inhabited by a rosy sprite’
  •   ‘I had the fancy of our being almost as lost as a handful of passengers in a great drifting ship. Well, I was strangely, at the helm!’
  •    ‘it would be as charming as a charming story suddenly to meet someone’
  •    ‘It was all the romance of the nursery and the poetry of the schollroom’
  •    ‘I was dazzled by their loveliness’
  •   ‘he was looking for little Miles’
  •   ‘the extrodinary flight of heroism the occasion demanded of me’
  •   ‘a service admirable and difficult’
  •   ‘I was a screen-I was to stand before them. The more I saw, the less they would’
  •   ‘we lived in a cloud of music and love and success and private theatricals’
  •  ‘we faced each other in our common intensity’
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  •    ‘there was nothing in me there that didn’t meet and measure him’  
  • ‘a different adventure’ (referring to vision Mrs Jessel )  
  •  ‘weary with watching’  
  •  ‘my boy’ 
  •  ‘they’re talking horrors’
  •   ‘resumed their exhibition’ (miles and Flora)
  •  ‘like a theatre after the performance-all strewn with crumpled playbills’
  • ‘the little wretches denied it’
  •   ‘the strange, dizzy lift or swim …into a stillness, a pause of all life, that had nothing to do with the more or less noise that at that moment we might be engaged in making’
  •  ‘it was  a part of the flattery of his trust of me’
  •  ‘they were too beautiful to be posted; I kept them myself’
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  •    ‘ I was like a gaoler with an eye to possible suprises and escapes’
  •  ‘the curtain rose on the last act of my dreadful drama’
  •   ‘the whole thing was virtually out between us’
  •    ‘false little lovely eyes’
  •   ‘my endless obsession’
  •    ‘I would have given….all I possessed on earth really to be the nurse or the sister of charity who might have helped to cure him’
  •   ‘seize once more the chance of  possessing him’
  •   ‘it was literally a charming exhibition of tact, of magnanimity’
  •    ‘she met my quick challenge with blank, scared ignorance’
  •   ‘I felt the suggestion of my friend’s eyes’
  •  ‘a silence by this time flagrantly ominous’
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  •   ‘What she and I had virtually said to each other was that pretexts were useless now’
  •   ‘these three words from her were, in a flash like the glitter of a drawn blade’
  •  ‘the jostle of the cup that my hand, for weeks and weeks, had held high and full to the brim and that now, even before speaking, I felt overflow in a deluge’
  •   ‘Mrs Grose’s suspense blazed at me’
  •    ‘she was there, and I was neither cruel nor mad’
  •    ‘stabbing little words’
  •   ‘I’ve done my best, but I’ve lost you. Good-bye.’
  •    ‘he had his freedom now’
  •   ‘I was conscious of a mortal coldness and felt as if I should never again be warm’
  •   ‘I had her in check’ (Mrs Grose)
  •    ‘the great pinch really came’
  •    ‘It was precisely, in short, by just clutching the helm that I avoided total wreck’
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  •   ‘as some young couple who, on their wedding-journey, at the inn, feel shy in the presence of the waiter’
  •   ‘we circled about, with terrors and scruples, like fighters not daring to close’
  •    ‘getting hold of him, drawing him close’
  •    ‘It was like fighting with a demon for a human soul’
  •   ‘out of it presently came a sound, not low nor weak, but as if from much farther away, that I drank like a waft of fragrence’
  •    ‘by my personal triumph-the influence quenched’
  •    ‘I was infatuated-I was blind with victory’
  •   ‘If he were innocent, what then on earth was I?
  •   ‘My sterness was all for his judge, his executioner’
  •   ‘spring straight upon him’
  •    ‘they are in my ears still, his supreme surrender of the name and his tribute to my devotion’
  •   ‘I held him-it may be imagined with what a passion’
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