Turn of The Screw quotes-The Children

Quotes about the children from the turn of the screw 

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Flora and Miles

  •   Placid heavenly eyes’
  •   ‘My little conductress’
  •   ‘Rosy sprite’
  •   ‘one of Raphael’s holy infants’
  •   ‘Positive fragrance of purity’
  •   ‘He was only too fine and fair for the little horrid, unclean school-world’
  •   ‘They were like the cherubs of the anecdote’
  •   ‘Their incapacity and their beauty’
  •   ‘Emerged rosily’
  •   ‘Pink bare feet’
  •    ‘She had pattered straight over to me’

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  •   ‘Lovely little lighted face’
  •   ‘The whites of his beautiful eyes’
  •   ‘The uncovering of his little teeth, shine to me in the dusk’
  •   ‘A little fairy prince’
  •   ‘He fairly glittered in the gloom'
  •   ‘Their more than earthly beauty, their absolutely unnatural goodness'
  •   ‘They haven’t been good-They’ve only been absent'
  •   ‘They pulled with an art of their own the strings of my invention and my memory’
  •   ‘The little wretches'
  •   ‘He threw of intonations’ as if he were tossing roses’
  •   ‘I want my own sort’
  •   ‘His friendly old hand ’
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  •    ‘As appealing as some wistful patient in a children’s hospital’
  •    ‘Oh, you know what a boy wants’
  •    ‘They performed the dizziest feats’
  •    ‘A more ingenious, a more extraordinary little gentlemen’
  •    'Smiled as if her performance was now complete’
  •    ‘Little tender, yielding body’
  •    ‘Her small mask of reprobation’
  •    ‘She was literally, she was hideously hard’
  •    ‘I don’t know what you mean. I see nobody. I see nothing. I never have. I think you’re cruel. I don’t
  •    like you'
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  •   ‘Vulgarly pert little girl in the street’
  •   ‘It has made her, every inch of her, quite old’
  •   ‘Poor little exquisite wretch!’
  •   ‘From that child-horrors’
  •   ‘Beautiful little presence’
  •   ‘The ravage of uneasiness’
  •   ‘Little beautiful fevered face’
  •   ‘His head made the movement of a baffled dog’s on a scent and then gave a frantic little
  •   shake for air and light, he was at me in a white rage’
  •   ‘Is she here? Miles panted’
  •   ‘Peter Quint-you devil! …..Where?’
  •   ‘he uttered the cry of a creature hurled over an abyss’
  •   ‘his little heart, dispossessed, had stopped’ 
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