Turn of The Screw quotes- The ghosts

Quotes about the sightings of the ghosts, and descriptions of them 

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The Ghosts

  •   ‘He did stand there!- but high up, beyond the lawn and at the very top of the tower’
  •   ‘There came to me thus a bewilderment of vision’
  •   ‘All the rest of the scene had been stricken with death’
  •   ‘The friendly hour lost, for the minute, all its voice’
  •   ‘Was as definite as a picture in a frame’
  •   ‘Looking at me hard all the while’
  •   ‘He’s a horror’
  •   ‘But he’s like nobody’
  •   ‘He has red hair…and a pale face’
  •   ‘Quint was much to free’

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  •   ‘Quint was so clever- he was so deep’
  •   ‘The apparation’
  •   ‘A figure of quite as unmistakable horror and evil: a woman in black, pale and dreadful’
  •   ‘Wonderfully handsome. But infamous’
  •   ‘Impudent, assured, spoiled, depraved’
  •   ‘He did what he wished’.. with them all’
  •   ‘The two wretches’
  •   ‘We faced each other in our common intensity’
  •   ‘Some enemy, some adventurer, some criminal’

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  •   ‘The silence itself…became the element into which I saw the figure disappear
  •   ‘I had been there but an instant, however, when she vanished without looking round at me’
  •   ‘A figure prowling for a sight’
  •   ‘Dishonoured and tragic’
  •   ‘Even as I fixed and, for memory secured it the awful image passed away’
  •   ‘Dark as midnight in her black dress, her haggard beauty and her unutterable woe’
  •  ‘Pale and ravenous demon’
  •   ‘The hideous plain presence’
  •   ‘Peter Quint had come into view like a sentinal before a prison’
  •   ‘His white face of damnation’
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