Turn of the Screw quotes

A summary of the quotes used in essays for the OCR English Literature specification for AS level English literature on Henry James' novel The Turn of the Screw.

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The Written Word (Creativity)

1. "he gave me the sort of sense of looking like an actor"

2. "I became aware that on the other side of the Sea of Azof, we had an interesting spectator!"

3. "It would be as charming as a charming story to meet someone"

4. "Was there a secret at Bly, a mystery of Udolpho or and insane unmentionable relative?"

5. "no gray prose" but "romance and poetry"

6. "the curtain rose on the final act of my dreadful drama"

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Appearances and Reality

1. "in old faded ink and in the most beautiful hand"

2. "Douglas...had begun with a fine clearness"

3. "awfully clever and nice"

4. "'To kiss me? No!' I took the good creature in my arms and after we had embraced like sisters, felt still more fortified and indignant"

Social Class

1. "Someone would appear...would stand before me and smile and approve"

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The nature of heroism

1. "My big word left her at a loss"

2. "I was wonderful"

3. "I held my breath and waited for what a cry from her...I waited but nothing came...I felt I was ready for more..."

4. "Strangely at the helm"

5. "We were alone with the quiet day, and his little heart, disposed, had stopped"

6. "the young lady who should go down as Governess would be in supreme authority"

7. "that she should never trouble him - but never, never: neither appeal nor complain nor write about anything"

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1. "I remember two distinct gasps of emotion"

2. "he turned away: that was all I knew"

3. "I scarce know how to put my story into words that shall be a credible picture of my state of mind"

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Forbidden Knowledge/Taboo

1. "Oh, how delicious!"

2. "You like them with a spirit to be naughty"

3. "What he had on his mind that evening was precisely the need of confession" (Miles)

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The Ghosts

1. "we faced each other in our common intensity"

2. "He's a horror"

3. "Quint was much too free"

4. "He did stand there! But high up, beyond the lawn, at the very top of the tower"

5. " 'Whom do you mean by him?' 'Peter Quint - you devil!' " 

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1. "Quint was much too free"

2. "small, smothered life"

3. "my unravelled eyes"

4. She is a clergyman's daughter

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Corruption of Innocence

1. "she's not a child: she's an old, old woman"

2. "looking to me, however, with a great childish light"

3. "she stood there in so much of her candor and so little of her nightgown with her pink bare feet and the golden glow of her curls. She looked intensely grave"

4 "She had turned almost ugly"

5. "How otherwise should I have been bad enough?"

6. "You can't say I've not been awfully good?"

7. "she showed it step by step and room by room and secret by secret...with the result, in half an hour, of our becoming immense friends"

8. "for if he were innocent...he face toward the clear window" - looking for freedom

9. "standing at the bottom of the sea and raising his eyes to some faint green twilight"

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Corruption of Innocence (continued)

10. "we continued silent while the maid was with us...as some young couple who, on their wedding journey, at the inn, feel shy in the presence of the waiter"

11. "we were alone with the quiet day, and his little heart, dispossessed, had stopped"

12. "Raphael's holy infants" 

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