Tudor history

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Submission of the Clergy 1531

Henry would withdraw the charge of praemunire if:

  • the Church provided £100,00 
  • and if they agreed to Henry's title as the 'Head of the Church of England and Walse

This was enshrined in an Act of Parliament which gave it legal powers and a constitutional significance.

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Supplication of the Ordinaries 1532

  • the loss of legal independance of the Church
  • surrender the right to pass new law
  • all new canon law would require consent of the king
  • existing canon law was to be scrutinised by 16 leymen and 16 clergy
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Act for Removal of Annates 1532

  • Removed the chief revenue that the Church in Rome previously recieved from England 
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Act in Restraint of Appeals 1533

  • Catherine could no longer appeal to Rome 
  • Enabled Henry to grant his own annulment 
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Acts of Parliament 1534

  • confirmed the prohibition of payments of Annates to Rome
  • granted the right to elect Bishops and Abotts to the king
  • gave supreme legal authority to secular courts. By stating that appeals from the Church courts were to go to the King in Chancery
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Forbidding Paypal Dispensation and Peters Pence 15

  • restricted Archbishops right to allow departures from canon law that had previously allowed priests to hold more than one parish 
  • prevented the payment of Peters Pence to the Pope
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Act of Succession 1534

  • made Henry and Catherines marriade invalid, declared Mary to be illegitimate and secured the succesion for the children of Henry and Anne
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Act of Supremacy 1534

  • Henrys title should be accepted and regared as 'Supreme Head of the Church of England' 
  • to support this other roles were given to Henry:
  • Right to collect the First Fruits and tenths, a tax which had previsouly been paid to the clergy in Rome
  • made it treasonable to call the King or Queen a heretic 
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