Tsunami Case Study Revision Cards

Tsunami Case Study Revision Cards

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Indonesian Tsunami 2004- Nature (LEDC)

  • 15-20m slip over a 3-4minute period.
  • 160km off the coast of Sumatra.
  • Focus was 30km below sea level.
  • Produced waves 20m high on Sumatran coast
  • Aftershocks continued for months afterwards.

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Indonesian Tsunami 2004- Impacts (LEDC)

  • 250,000 dead in 12 countries
  • 9,000 tourists died.
  • Sri Lanka lost 60% of Fishing fleet.
  • Drinking water contaminated with sea water.
  • Tourism hit badly for fear of anoth tusnami.

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Indonesian Tsunami 2004- Management (LEDC)

  • Most humanitarian response focused on saniation.
  • $7bn probised by MEDC- $4bn never arrived by March 2005.
  • Indian Ocean tsunami warning system set up.
  • Charities gave a lot to the cause.


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Japanese Tsunami 2011- Nature (MEDC)

  • 8.9 earthquake on richter scale.
  • Surface Waves shook Tokyo for 5 minutes.
  • Waves reached 4m in height and were 100km front to back.
  • The epicentre is 6km off the coast where the Pacific plate is being subducted under the Eurasian plate. 

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Japanese Tsunami 2011- Impacts (MEDC)

  • 20,000 dead or missing.
  • 330,000 in temporary accomodation.
  • 25million tonnes of debris deposited in worst hit area.
  • Fukashima nuclear reactor was flooded. Rated 7 on INES scale, caused 10,000 to be evacuated from there homes.


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Japanese Tsunami 2011- Management (MEDC)

  • Both Japanese, and international governments as well as NGOs gave aid money.
  • A warning system was already in place but was ineffective due to the proximity of the epicentre and speed of waves.
  • Most work was done clearing debris and rebuilding.
  • There were also 10m high sea walls in some place but land slipped by 3m in the earthquake so in some areas were waves were extreemly high due to funneling and got over the sea walls.


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