truman capote IN COLD BLOoD

just some bullet points of topics in each chapter!

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chapter one (last to see them alive)


  • clutters (the family who got murdered) and about thier routine and mr clutter)
  • holcomb, kansas city
  • bobby rupp (nancy's boyfriend)
  • **** hickock and perry smith (D &P)
  • kenyon and nancy (brother and sister) 9also has some refrence of their sibling relationship)
  • bonnie clutter (the mother)
  • roles in the family
  • garden city
  • D and P driving to clutters
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persons unknown- chapter 2


  • KBI (kansas bureu  of investigation)
  • evidence (bloddy footprints)
  • impact of murders on community
  • intro. of alvin dewey (key investigator)
  • dewey's life
  • P having 2nd thoughts and disturbed about the murder
  • bird and perry (the bird comes in his dream)
  • clutters funeral
  • D= hot cheques 'fraud'
  • mexico
  • P's background family life
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the answer- 3rd chapter


  • floyd wells
  • bobo -memories-brabara= Perry's sister
  • D&P eturn to america
  • dewey's dream
  • Dick= peadophile
  • D&P =hitchhicking
  • crime interrogation
  • confession
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the corner- last chapter


  • D&P in jail
  • 2 months they spend in prision
  • don cullivan
  • start of trial
  • perrys and dicks autobio's
  • perry attempts to starve himself so he doesnt have to face the 'ropes'
  • the are hanged on April 14, 1965
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