Trotsky vs Stalin

Trotsky's weaknesses

Used to be a menshevik

Unpopular with the politburo and 'old bolsheviks'

People disagreed with his political ideas

Failed to use his popularity with the army to help

HIs ideas of world communism didn't appeal to many Russians

Under- estimated Stalin (appeared dull and hard working)

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Stalin's Strengths

Held the key post in the party

He appointed officials who suported him

Removed known supporters of Trotsky

Commanded the support of officials who owed their jobs to him

presented himseld as Lenin's close follower

Apeared as chief mourner at Lenin's funeral

Used propaganda ( fake photos to prove his closeness with Lenin)

Clever tactics (played parties against each other)

Used other candidates to remove of each other

Gained popularity with communism at home 'socialism in one country'

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