Tripartite Personality

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The Ego

  • Reality Principle 
  • Conscience 
  • Supposed to be dominant 
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The Super-Ego

  • Mortality Principle
  • Right and Wrong 
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The ID (Instinctual Libido)

  • Pleasure Principle 
  • It gets What it Wants 
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Three Part Personality

  • They Fight (conflict) to be Dominant. 
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Ego Defense Mechanisms- Repression

  • Forcing a distressing memory out of the conscious mind  

ie- forgetting the trauma of a faviroute pet dying 

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Ego Defense Mechanisms- Denial

  • Refusing to Acknowledge some aspect of reality 

ie- turning up for work even though you have been sacked. 

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Ego Defense Mechanisms- Displacement

  • Transferring feelings from a true source of distressing emotion onto a substitute target 

ie- slamming a door after having an arugment with your partner

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