God the Father

  • Creator of all, so father of all
  • Father of Jesus
  • Believers in God are known as children of God
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God the Son

  • Jesus is the son
  • God the son existed before Jesus took human form
  • Jesus referred to as the ‘word’
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God the Holy Spirit

  • Mary gave birth to Jesus through the Holy Spirit
  • connected to life
  • offers support and guidance
  • Latin term ‘to breathe’
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Story of prodigal son

  • Young boy who asked for fathers share of money now before he died. Father gave it to him and he ran away from home and spent it on wild things. He soon spent it all and could only get a job working with pigs and eating their food. He went back to his father for forgiveness. His father forgave him and threw him a party. Older brother was angry as he had been doing everything for his father but didn’t get a party. His father told him that he will be repayed later on in life.

Father is God in story
Naughty son is Christian who disobeyed
Good son is Christian

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